October 29, 2020

Top 5 Best Easy-To-Use Screen Recorders For PC [Windows]

Top 5 best screen recorders for PC top screen recording software for YouTube

In the era of YouTube and others, you can say screen recording is a necessity. From helping others solve technical problems with screen recording to making money on YouTube or others, screen recording is a blessing. Every video creator or entrepreneur or a person seeking screen recording software definitely wants an easy-to-use screen recorder. Many screen recorders for Windows are available on internet for download but not everyone is easy to use. Some record screen easily but saving the record takes time. Some have built-in editors and some have not. Also some have slow interface while others are very fast in performance.
So, if you have arrived here seeking for best screen recorder for YouTube, then I’m am gonna to tell you the top 5 best screen recorders for PC and YouTube.

Top 5 Best Screen Recorders For PC

1) Icecream Screen Recorder

I choose Icecream Screen Recorder to be the best screen recording software in the market specifically for YouTube video creation. It is very easy to handle. Pressing function keys do all its work. You can record screen with voice or without voice, take a screenshot, record screen fully or any specific area of your screen. Most important of all, this screen recorder takes only seconds to save recorded video in many formats. It however does not edit videos. But for basic screen recording with other software to use for editing, this one is best.

Icrecream Screen Recorder has both free trial and paid versions.

2) ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter comes with built-in picture and video editing. It is a perfect solution for creating screen recordings, handouts, manuals, documentation, and interactive training presentations. With the full-featured editor, ActivePresenter allows you to edit audio/video, tweak the look and feel of content, and define the branched scenarios easily and effectively. The video saving time of this recorder is a bit slow however. But overall, it has many features and is considered as all-in-one screen recorder.

This recorder comes with both free trial and paid versions.

3) Bandicam

Bandicam is also one of the top best lightweight screen recorders for PC. It also records your PC screen as high-quality video. You can record any area of screen or game with high-compression ratio making this recorder best in terms of performance and quality. You can also record external video devices such as a webcam, Xbox/PlayStation, smartphone, IPTV, etc.

It has also both free trial and paid versions.

4) Camtasia

Camtasia is another high-quality PC screen recorder with built-in powerful video editor. You can add many effects and transitions in your recorded video. It has custom video templates that simplify video creation, dramatically reduce editing time, and make it easy to maintain consistency in all your videos.

Camtasia us available in both free trial and paid versions.

5) Ezwid

Ezwid is another powerful and easy-to-use screen recorder for PC. It comes with many features like voice recording, facecam, voice synthesis, screen drawing, and speed control. With one click, you can record your screen with Ezvid, and capture whatever appears on your computer screen like web pages, games, applications, and more. Ezvid is also very fast in performance saving your recorded videos in seconds.

Ezwid is totally free to download. It has no paid version.


So, these were the top 5 best screen recording software for PC if you are using YouTube or any other thing. If you just want screen recording and nothing else, then Icecream Screen Recorder could prove to be the best screen recorder for PC for YouTube. It’s interface is very easy-to-use with very fast recording saving.

But if you want others features with screen recording like editing, then you can try ActivePresenter or Ezwid. ActivePresenter has a slow user interface than Ezwid. The other two Bandicam and Camtasia are also very good.

These all screen recorders are available in both free trial and paid versions except Ezwid (freeware). You can buy any one of them but if you don’t want to, then cracks are also available on internet. So, you also download cracked versions for free with all features.

Note: Cracked softwares may be harmful for your PC.

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