October 29, 2020

[Fix] iPhone 11 No Sound in YouTube/Videos in Earphones

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max users are reporting some sound issues that they hear no or very low sound (inaudible) in their handsfree or air-pods when they play something from YouTube or any other source. And also, in this problem, handsfree or headphones are detected by the iPhone device but there is no sound. But this sound becomes a little audible when you play some notification tones from settings. Some users regard it as a hardware problem of charger jack. On the other hand, some intellectual ones think it as a setting or software problem as they realize that their charging is working but why earphones are not because yet the port is same. So, if your sound is not working in YouTube and also there is no sound in videos in your iPhone, then you are at right place to fix this.

In this article, I’m going to tell you the easy fix of this problem in the following steps. So, just scroll down and be satisfied as there is no hardware problem in your iPhone device.

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Steps to Fix No Sound in YouTube Videos in iPhone

Step 1

Go to settings of your iPhone device and scroll down to open “Music” settings.

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Open “Music” Settings

Step 2

In “Music” settings under tab “PLAYBACK”, touch on “Volume Limit” option.

Open “Volume Limit” Settings

Step 3

Under “Volume Limit”, you’ll see “MAX. VOLUME“.

Just make it full and you are done.


So, this was the fix for the problem of no sound on videos in iPhone. Actually, this problem is very scaring as iPhone users think this as a hardware problem of their charging jack. But in real, this isn’t a hardware problem but only a settings issue. So, if there is no sound in YouTube videos in your iPhone or anywhere else, then above is the solution for that.

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